Western Digital 16 Terabyte Internal Hard Disk Drive


  • 16TB Storage Capacity
    3.5″ Form Factor
    SATA III 6 Gb/s Interface
    512MB Cache
    7200 rpm
    Up to 262 MB/s Data Transfer Speeds
    2.5 Million Hour MTBF
    HelioSeal Technology
    600,000 Load/Unload Cycles
    0.35% Annualized Failure Rate (AFR)


The 16TB UltraStar DC HC550 7200 rpm SATA III 3.5″ Internal HDD from WD is a high-performance, large-capacity drive designed for enterprise environments that have intensive data and storage needs. This drive has a storage capacity of 16TB and a 3.5″ form factor with a SATA III 6 Gb/s interface, rotational speed of 7200 rpm, and 512MB cache that help to ensure uninterrupted data transfers at speeds of up 262 MB/s.

As a professional-grade drive, it has an MTBF rating of 2.5 million hours, an Annualized Failure Rate (AFR) of 0.35%, 600,000 load/unload cycles, an error rate of 1 in 1015 non-recoverable bits read, and a workload of up to 550TB per year, plus WD’s HelioSeal technology, which replaces the air inside the drive with helium.

This allows for increased efficiency, reliability, and capacity, thanks to reduced vibration, improved areal density, cooler operating temperatures, and reduced power requirements.