Ubiquiti AP-AC-LR – Ubiquiti UniFi 802.11ac Long Range Indoor 2.4/5GHz AP


PicoStation M is ideal for applications require long-range performance and a minimal installation footprint. It can be deployed either indoor or outdoor environments and can function either as an AP or airMAX Station.

PicoStation M DiagramThe PicoStationM2-HP is one of the smallest outdoor 802.11g/n access points… and it’s also one of the most powerful too! With up to 1,000 mW of output power, this omni-directional router can provide up to 8 million square feet of wireless coverage. It can connect to 802.11g/n devices or, for maximum range and speed, to compatible Airmax11n devices. Setup couldn’t be easier: just plug a single network patch cable into the weather-proof enclosure. The included Power-over-Ethernet injector combines power and data on the same line. The PicoStation2M-HP includes hardware for wall or pole mounting.