Point Cloud Classification And Analysis Software


  • Spatix Point Cloud Classification and Analysis
  • point cloud software
  • user friendly interface
  • 3 segment scale
  • 3 different views


The mode of delivery for this software pack with License key is physical mode of delivery.

Pointly’s users can choose between a free and a Professional Account. With Pointly, information from 3D point clouds can be extracted with minimal effort and high accuracy. Pointly enables the user to select large swathes of ground with one click and small objects like street signs with the next. What is important, the point clouds are available in their full resolution without compression.

Due to smart segmentation and labeling, training data can be easily generated within a short time. The software processes lidar, photogrammetric or otherwise generated point clouds in .las/.laz format and enables the users to manage and structure them. The data can be organized by feature classes, categorizations, lists and tags to make it valuable for further processing.

Moreover, Pointly offers a range of features and tools accelerating the classification of point clouds. Some of them are:

  • User-friendly interface, offering quick access to all functions thanks to its clear structure and intuitive design.
  • State-of-the-art 3D visualization, capable of displaying point clouds with up to billions of points as well as smooth zooming and seamless changing of detail levels.
  • 3 segment scales (coarse, medium, fine) adjusted to various point cloud types and resolutions.
  • 3 different views, allowing the users to get the RGB information in the point cloud if it is present, see the pre-processed segments generated by Pointly and hide or highlight selected classes.
  • 3 selection tools: the segment selector, the polygon lasso tool, created to select and classify the points fast and precisely and very soon a 3D Bounding Box.

Pointly uses Microsoft’s fast and secure Azure Cloud Computing services, offering elastic and independently scalable processing of large amounts of data. The Azure’s 256-bit AES encryption standard provides advanced protection of the data, whether in storage or in transit. The user’s identity is managed through Azure B2C and protects the personal data.

In the future, Pointly will get more and more features and will be usable as a user-friendly end-to-end platform solution to not only manage and label but also analyze big data from 3D point clouds.