Currency Counting Machine


  • Fast And Accurate Counter
  • Easy To Install And Use
  • Durable
  • Stylish design
  • Led Screen To Show Figure


Safescan’s money counting machines are doubly advantageous: they eliminate error and slash the time you spend counting bills.In just a fraction of the time you normally spend, Safescan’s banknote counters will not only count your money, but also check for counterfeits using sophisticated multi-point technology. There’s no faster, more reliable way to count your paper currency at the end of a long business day

Get Bill Counting Machine to have an accurate count of money to keep your business moving.‎ It is ideal for banks‎,‎ shopping malls, business outfits, supermarkets, hotels etc to have as it takes away the stress of calculating money manually‎.‎ The white device is ruggedly built with heavy duty construction to give you reliable counts of cash your customers offer you after purchasing their products‎.‎ It is easy to operate as it feature count‎,‎ add and batch modes for you to count large sum of amount so fast and accurately‎.‎ Got lots of customers in your store?‎ Not to worry‎,‎ the counting machine is ever ready to count various denominations of naira notes perfectly without wasting the time.